mercoledì, dicembre 24, 2008

Debian@Freerunner: my experience step by step - second episode

(I forgot a thing: I also tried Om release... but personally I hate the unfortunate mix of gtk, qt and etk... why in the hell they left the development of 2007.2??? Don't know why... probably to use qtopia telephony; but now I heard that Om is moving to fso stack... so, again, WHY??? No answer.
Then I tried Android, but right now wifi is not working; so I'll wait...)

Sephora, an app developed by Michele Renda, shows some nice features provided by fso

Connecting via wifi in dhcp then installing iceweasel ;-)

apt-get update

epiphany-browser surfing the web ;-)

ssh-ing on the cern lxplus system

ok, that's quite all... next episode enlightenment and its beauties ;-)  and some "less pointless" considerations.

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