domenica, dicembre 21, 2008

Debian@Freerunner: my experience step by step - first episode

(I have my nice FR from some months but only now I have some time to spend to tell you my story across some interfaces and distros on this "phone")

I started my "trip" with xfce4, but it was too heavy for me... but very nice. Unfortunately I have no screenshots left.

Then I moved to a session of X with a small and clever panel called fbpanel, with matchmox-keyboard as input system. This was enough for me. As you can see the memory comsumpion was quite low, even if in this screenshot I have some apps running:

 top showing cpu, memory consumpion
fbpane, vlc, matchbox-keyboard and the toggle where to choose one of the apps running
As I said, this was enough for me: a debian with my favourite applications! yeah! On the top, on the right side of fbpanel you can see the amount of free memory, the average load, the percentage of  battery left.
I'm not that interested in telephony since I have with me my n70, so my only problem was the keyboard. Not that big, not that usable... 
Zhone, the sandbox for the framework (developed by fso and ported to debian); in this shot I have no sim inserted...
Mirage, the image viewer.
In the next episode: some other screenshots about the internet connections, browser, ssh and debian updating via apt.

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